Finansbank, one of the biggest banks of Turkey ; in order to give better services to it’s disabled customers , has rebuilt some of it’s branches and preferred our portable ramps as an accessibility solution. Disabled persons can now easily and safely access to Finansbank branches with our portable ramps. Making lives easier, our ramps is the best solution in public spaces not only for disabled but also for seniors, those with limited physical capabilites and mothers using pushchairs.


The world’s leading eye trackers and full range of Tobii Assistive Technology products are now available in Turkish market to enhance computer access through the power of gaze interaction and give great support to patients for a better communication and help them live more independent lives. With the Tobii technology; completely handsfree , fast and effective computer access by only using your eyes, face to face or long distance communication for patients with speech disorders, assessment of an individual’s physical capabilites and cognitive understanding and getting much more is no longer a dream! Follow us if you are ready for brand new experiences, because this time you will believe your eyes with the unique Tobii products!



We’ve attended in Eyaf Expo show like we do every year. This year we’ve exhibited disabled lifts and portable – foldable ramp models in the context of accessibility theme and our stand attracted great attention. We would like to thank all our visitors for showing kind and intense interest in our stand during the show. We look forward to meeting you at the exhibition next year...