Various aids are being used for hygiene which is an important part of patient care in daily life. These aids are typically disposable and involve great expenses. Our medical textile products all washable and reusable will not only provide a better care to families and care institutions but also help them decrease their regular expenses.

    • Our Textile Product Range:

      - Reusable Incontinence Underwear

      - Washable Bed Pads 
      -100 % Liquid Proof Mattress Protectors
      - Patient Transfer & Positioning Aid

      For Wheelchair Users:

      - Non-Slip Wheelchair Pad
      - Waterproof Raincoat for Wheelchair Users


  •   Our aim is to facilitate patient care by offering our customers;

    - Reusable,
    - Washable ,
    - Antibacterial, 
    - Certified High Quality Textiles 

    Maximum Comfort with the Multi-Layer Protection Technology!

    Washable incontinence absorbent and protective underwear provide a brand new and unique solution for those experiencing incontinence. Our reusable incontinence underwear looks and feels like regular soft cotton underwear. Breathable coating in the center gives protection against leaks. Keeps you dry, discreet and comfortable. No need to use disposable products any more. Machine washable and retains its look and function after many washings.

  • Different designs and sizes available for Women, Men and Children with variable absorbency levels depending on the intensity of the incontinence.

    - Liquidprood
    - Washable
    - Antibacterial
    - Eco-friendly



    Optimum bed protection  

    Reusable Underpads containing  functional layers laminated to each other. The first layer  is made of highly technical yarns that transfer the unwanted liquid to below layers very quickly, leaving the top layer dry within a few minutes.  The liquid is locked betwen the below layers and the penetration to the mattress is avoided. Breathable PU Membrane and fully laminated layers prevents decubitus wounds. Protects both patient and the mattress. Can be washed and reused many times. Absorption capacity increases after every wash. Economical and environment friendly, substitute for disposable pads. Resubale underpad is recommended for home and Institutıonal use in cases of heavy or medium incontinence. Ideal for children with bed wetting problems, Maternity Care-Baby Care, Rest Homes, Health Institutions and Homecare.

    For a healthy and comfortable sleep


    We offer a wide range of mattress protectors to provide a healthy and comfortable sleep for you. Whether for institutional or household use, our mattress protectors are all designed to help you with two main issues specifically: Incontinence and dust mite allergy. Our specially coated and laminated, breathable and liquidproof mattress protectors will keep your mattress dry and clean while you enjoy a comfortable and healthy sleep. Lower layer is lamşnated with protective membran to keep your bed always dry. Resistant to stains, bacteria and odours. Fully elasticated for a perfect fit. Different sizes available.

    A perfect combination for patient care & bed protection !

    This unique product is designed to increase safety and comfort in patient care. It is a patient transfer aid with all the benefits of a washable reusable underpad combined in one product. Comes a set of a drawsheet and underpad with a unique design and becomes a perfect patient transfer aid when used together. For ensuring the maximum efficiency and ease in handling and positioning patients; the liquidproof drawsheet should be used at the bottom and the underpad should be used on the top in a way that satin surfaces of both overlap.

    Its durable handles sawn on both sides give great support to caregivers for moving and positioning the patient in bed easily and safely. Two-way-slide bottom layer allows great mobility leaving minimum effort to the carers.

    Liquidproof, Absorbent, Breathable, Washable, Practical

    Watch the video below to see how this unique design will ease your caregiving.

Patient Transfer & Positioningg Aid from Engelsiz Ürünler on Vimeo.

Healthy Sitting Posture for Wheelchair Users

The postural disorders of disabled people, resulting from sliding forwards from their seat, can cause back and waist pain and often lead to more serious injuries.As the result of uncontrolled and frequent challenging of the waist and back throughout the day, experiencing problems such as herniated disc and slipped disc are inevitable for caregivers in long term care.

Non Slip Chair Pad, is the most practical and safest solution for the recovery of a disabled person on the chair without taking help from others. Its cutting edge design prevents the re-sliding. The one way moving system of the pad facilitates the backwards movement and prevents sliding forward again.

Ensures a comfortable seating position with its padded and breathable surface minimizing perspiration. It retains its padded and comfortable form after many hours in use.

It is simply a great aid to keep a safe and healthy sitting posture for the wheelchair users at all times.

Kaymayı Önleyen Tekerlekli Sandalye Minderi from Engelsiz Ürünler on Vimeo.

Keep On Your Mobility

This wheelchair raincoat is adaptive handicap clothing at its best. Provides warmth and comfort to wheelchair users. It has a convenient front zipper and two easy to reach front pockets to store personal belongings in safety. It’s easy to wear design makes it very handy at all times.

Designed to withstand any weather conditions. Rain, snow or wind has no chance to penetrate its durable water repellent outer shell.

Wheelchair Raincoat is produced with a special multi-layer protection technology. The outer shell is made of heavy duty water-repellent fabric.The waterproof and breathable membrane in the middle layer permanently prevents the penetration of liquids and wind. The inherently breathable structure allows water vapour to travel outside to keep the body temperature stable at all times.The soft microfiber plush pile lining in the inner surface provides maximum comfort

This adaptive poncho styled wheelchair raincoat is perfect for wheelchair users. Protects both the user and the wheelchair from rain. The conveniently attached hood helps to keep out the rain. It is also machine washable for convenience

Wheelchair Raincoat is all you need to enjoy your time outdoor regardless of the weather