Ideal for for Dementia and Alzheimer care. Safety lock at zippers not only prevent the sudden undressing but also stop patients from reaching continance aids.  

    Overalls can be used day&night. A very soft and breathable cotton fabric is used to give the patients maximum comfort. The ease of dressing and undressing will save the caregivers’ precious time. 

    Day & Night Overall comes is various colors and designs for both MALE and FEMALE patients. (Various options available for  ZIP, COLLAR, SLEEVE, TROUSER LEG)

    Which Design is Best for my Patient?

    • Wondering  which one would suit you best? Firstly be aware of the fact that each patient has different needs. You should consider his/her needs firstly, then yours or the caregiver’s when deciding on the design of overall. You should begin with the location of Zipper, then proceed with the Neck, Sleeve and legs depending on the environment your patient lives in,  climatic factors and the conditions you have while dressing and undressing the patient. Here are some tips for you:

    + Day & Night Overalls with safety lock at zippers

    + Prevent Sudden Undressing

    + Make Caregivers’ Work Much Easier



      BACK ZIP: Especially designed for patients using adult diapers. The patient will never be able to unzip and access continence care aids. The back zip also enables you to make routine controls for the pressure sore easily.

      ZIPS AROUND THE LEGS: Ideal for bedridden patients with less mobility. The zips around the legs offers ease and comfort to both the patient and caregiver.

      ZIPS AROUND THE LEGS and THE BACK: Using the zips both at the back and around the legs will give extra protection and allow easy daily care and change of underwear without having to undress the patient.



      For MALE: Crew-Neck / V-Neck / Polo Neck

      For FEMALE: Crew-Neck / Wide Neck

      SLEEVE and HEM:

      Hem erkek hem bayan tulum modellerinde:
      Kısa Kol - Uzun Kol  & Kısa Paça – Uzun Paça seçenekleri mevcuttur.

      Short & Long Sleeve / Short & Long Hem options available

      For both male and female



    Washing Instructions: